homeward bound

I am finally on my way home and can’t wait to sleep in my own bed again! I heard the weather was nice over the weekend but the forecast predicts rain all week. Guess that means I’ll either be logging gym time or sloshing through the mud. Either way, I’m looking forward to moderate temperatures.
Today I made use of the Mapleton YMCA again and did a light workout on the bike and in the pool. I seem to have pulled or slightly strained the top of my right hamstring on yesterday’s hike so I took it easy.

The workout:
Roll out on foam roller
• this is almost as good as a massage (and it’s free!)
• I use it either to warm up muscles or to stretch after a workout
Core exercises
Warm up on bike
• 7 minutes starting on low resistance and adding more each minute
Swim 450 yds or 10 minutes
• mixed strokes, easy pace