running with bebe

I’m mildly obsessed with several ideas from the book Bringing up Bebe. The author (who’s American) mentions more than once that French women appear to effortlessly shrink back to pre-pregnancy size soon after they give birth just by “paying attention” to what they eat. She never mentions these women exercising so I had to look for other guidance when it came to working out with Baby A.
I started by looking into running with him- something I’d read on the Bob stroller website I’d need to wait 8 months to start. Every online baby & running forum I found lead me to believe Baby A would be fine and probably even enjoy a run already, so on Wednesday we tried it. Then on Thursday we ran again. We kept it short the first time and he didn’t complain a bit. The next day as soon as we started moving he did his excited baby dance then promptly fell asleep. My knee felt better than usual so I ran a nice loop around Stow lake then took the hill crossover to the Sunset district to run an errand. For my entertainment we jogged back through the alleyway where tourists learn to ride segways, then headed home.
I’m planning on running at least twice a week as I prepare for my sprint triathlon so I’m thrilled Baby A will be joining me!

the workout:
5 min warmup, 16 min jog, 5 min cool down with toe-heel walks

3.4 mile run, averaging just under 11 min mile pace, including walk breaks!

doing his nights

My mother-in-law sent me the fantastic book Bringing up Bébé and I’ve been trying The Pause technique with much success. Last night Baby A “did his night” with almost eight hours straight and I slept only an hour less! After he ate breakfast we dozed side by side then I passed him to my husband and, as my boys exchanged morning grunts, I left the house for a run.
I love being out in the early morning sunshine and grinned ear to ear as I jogged toward a trail. I’ve discovered a few trails in the area by unfortunate accident when I’m pushing the stroller, then need to bump along to the nearest pavement. Today, however, I made it my goal to remain on trails as much as possible. Listening to Zach Brown conjured up happy memories of Albers Trio concerts and traveling in Texas with my sisters. I think that specific trip inspired my Lauratogo blog!
I decided to run off the clock for the sheer pleasure of exercising. Of course I’m so goal oriented I still need to know how long I’m doing what (25 min run, including 2 min walk break in the middle)! My left knee was complaining a little by the end but I suspect this has more to do with crouching down at weird angles to pick up miscellaneous items while balancing baby in one arm than running. I’ll keep an eye on it while exercising and be more mindful around the house too.
I feel like I’m slowly reintegrating elements of my former life into this new wonderful phase!