This morning my running buddies and I decided to sleep in and put off the run until late afternoon.  We spent the day out exploring the Padre Island National Seashore and the beach community of Port Aransas.  Returning from a day in the wind and a heavy Mexican lunch does not lend itself to running so we practiced a bit first then gathered forces as it drew near sunset.

The wind was strong as we started on the marina path near our hotel.  I spent most of the run reminding myself and the girls to relax shoulders against the wind and use the core muscles for support.  I am a huge fan of walking first to warm up and am still needing frequent walk breaks throughout the run when I am pounding pavement instead of trails.

The workout:

5 min warmup walking

40 minutes, running with frequent, very short walk breaks,

-posts or palm trees served as markers to begin walking or running

-2 short hill “sprints” (I use the term very liberally today), lean into the hill and pump arms

-4 “sprints” between posts mid-run

5 min warm down

Stretching session in my hotel room byoht (bring your own hotel towel) to cover the floor