Happy Mother’s Day!

Last week I was in the kitchen with my sister, making cinnamon rolls that were actually rising (a rare occurrence), and she told me that I’m one of those people who’s just good at life.  After initially laughing at this comment, I thought quite a bit about what being good at life means and decided that if I look competent most of the time it’s because I’m putting time and energy into things I want to be doing.  It’s easy to look good when you’re happy!  I have Mom to thank for my cheerful attitude toward life.  And the confidence I bring to most activities.  And a whole slew of other skills that allow me to ease instead of bumble my way through most days.  Thanks, Mom.  I love you!


In honor of mother’s day, I wanted to share a few things that make me smile…


my new find- the GCN 35 minute spin workout

stopping the clock- refraining from counting laps or miles & exercising just for the fun of it

fresh mint from the farmers market in a glass on the counter- it’s pretty, smells great and IMG_4087tastes delicious in salad or tea

chop salad- chop a couple of celery stalks, a couple of carrots, a handful of greens, a few cherry tomatoes and plenty of fresh herbs- for dressing mix together lemon juice, olive oil, fresh ground cumin, salt and pepper

two easy (but time consuming) show-stopper desserts:  Pavlova – I recommend topping it with lemon curd, fresh cream and fruit  &  Chocolate Coffee Whiskey Spice Cake – skip the frosting and use a layer of brandied cherries plus jam as icing, also works great with gluten free flower in cupcake form